About Us

RIXECKER INVESTMENT is an independent investment and investment advisory firm. More than twenty years of experience in industry, investment and investment advisory are a solid base for our active investments and advisory services. We create value.


We invest and advise in cases where future growth is the value path. Before investing we perform qualified research, examine information on markets, review market trends and long term developments therein. We commence the analysis of the related economic data and model all relevant information into a sound picture. For each project, we develop a sound financing. We manage own funds, work with banks and other equity investors. We hold our investments long term and advise potential partners with a long term perspective.


We are focused on the industrial sector. RI implemented projects in the valve industry, pipe manufacturing, mechanical engineering and various related digital technologies within this kind of industry. We also advise clients in China and Hong Kong. There we support in their planned investments in Europe and the Middle East. We are currently also working with clients who manufacture and market high-quality consumer goods produced on an industrial scale. We consider this markets as an area with high growth potential.


We are focused on privately owned companies. Listed and capital market oriented companies of smaller and medium size may also be an area of interest. We have no geographical restrictions. Our working languages are English, German and French.


Karsten Rixecker, founder of the firm is an active investor and investment advisor. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in industry and advisory. He studied at the Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes and was Fellow at Stanford University. He received a Masters Degree in Mathematics, Logic and Political Economy.